Status Magazine Green Issue, June 2012

Status magazine have uploaded an extended interview and outtakes of the photo shoot from the Green Issue published earlier this month:

Hannah Murray: SKIN YOU ALIVE

Hey, Hannah. You graduated last year. Congrats!
Thank you!

So what are your plans now? Are you focusing on your acting career or do you have other options in mind?
I’m basically focusing on acting now. I moved down to London in October which makes it a lot easier really, ‘coz I was always traveling back and forth when I was in Cambridge. It’s really nice to be able to think about acting and just try to do as much as I can.

Do you read the Game of Throne books? 
Yeah. I’ve read the first two books. I don’t wanna get too far ahead of myself and read all of them in one go. So I’m gonna start reading the next one soon.

Which house do you prefer to be in?
I quite like wolves. I think the Starks are cool for that reason, but then it’s a bit cold in the North so maybe not. I think the Targaryens are pretty cool as well—the whole dragon thing, and having silver hair. I think I could be one of them.

You think you’d make a good Khaleesi?
[laughs] Probably not. I’m too much of a wimp.

In Game of Thrones, you have a relationship with Samwell. What’s your ideal relationship in real life? I bet the guys would wanna know.
I don’t think you can ever plan those kind of things. You know, when you’re with someone, when it’s just so easy to talk to him, you feel like you can talk to this person for the rest of your life. That’s the kind of thing I look for…when things just feel simple and easy.

What’s a typical day when you’re not auditioning or shooting?
If I don’t have anything on work-wise, I go to the gym in the morning, I go swimming. Well recently, ‘coz that’s one of my New Year’s resolution, so I’ve been doing that since January [laughs]. I read a lot of novels, plays. I try to watch as many films as possible. I go to the cinema quite a few times a week. I try to go and see a lot of plays when I’m living in London. I hang out with my flatmates and watch rubbish TV as well. I like going out for dinner a lot with friends.

If you could have 5 people in a party like Skins, who would you wanna bring?
I’ll go with Ernest Hemingway, Andy Warhol, Leonora Carrington, a surrealist artist. I don’t know if you get this show called Geordie Shore—not Jersey Shore. It’s set in Newcastle. There’s 2 girls from that show…Vicky and Charlotte. I think they’re amazing and would be wonderful at a party. I’d definitely have them.

5 tips on being healthy.
*I’m a vegetarian. As a vegetarian, I think a lot more about my diet. My flatmates eat meat. They eat chicken and pasta every meal. I eat loads of vegetables among other different things.
*Swimming is a really good thing to do.
*I think that walking rather than taking public transport is good. It’s not only ‘coz it’s healthy but you see more of the city and you save money.
*I think that sleeping enough is good. I really recommend that. I like sleeping a lot.
*Eat pineapple. It’s a great fruit, and it’s very good for you. The main thing I hate about moving out of my parents’ house is my mom always make massive fruit salad every morning. I eat loads of the fruit. Eat fruits—especially in the morning.

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